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The trekking season in Jammu & Kashmir extends from May through September. Trek in Kashmir does not mean just walking over forested mountains as it combines nature and the local culture. As the trekker climb higher the landscape changes. Chinar and poplar trees are replaced by fir, pine and oak and finally Birch trees, the alpine meadows and a profusion of colorful wildflowers. The simple villagers in the plains with their fruit orchards and paddy fields are replaced by migrant families of Nomads / Gujjars, herdsmen who cross the high mountain passes with their cattle in search of greener pastures.

The main areas of attraction for the trekker in Kashmir are the Sindh & Lidder valleys which support a number of high altitude meadows. The townships of Sonamarg and Pahalgam are the main trekking heads, both for short hikes and longer treks in the Himalayas. Because Kashmiri culture is as unique as the Himalayan landscapes, we recommend trekkers spend a full day in Srinagar before starting your trek. You can venture out on a Srinagar tour featuring highlights of the old city as well as the Mughal Gardens.

When you return to Srinagar after the trek, it’s also nice to have a full rest/free day in Srinagar after the trek for you to relax, go on a Shikara ride, do some shopping, or catch up on laundry. The Gem Holidays will be your guide during trekking in Kashmir, we’re professionals. We provide the traveler with unparalleled trekking services. We will guide you to all the finest trekking routes that the “Paradise on Earth” has to offer.

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Comes towards Ladakh some treks have monasteries as their focus and in Kashmir some treks have mountain lakes as their focus. One trek in particular covers half a dozen high altitude lakes, encircled by snow covered mountains. In Jammu, Kishtwar and Bhadarwar regions have excellent trekking routes.